Baseline Data

The Airwave Study resources include a range of questionnaire, physical measurement data and biological samples collected at baseline and long-term follow-up data for cause-specific mortality and morbidity and all hospitalised events. In addition, a range of laboratory assays including genotyping, metabolomic and blood biochemistry data will be available for a subset of participants.

The baseline survey took place between 2004-2015, with extensive data collection by a computerised questionnaire, a range of physical measurements, and collection of a 50ml non-fasting blood sample (with last meal time recorded). 

Baseline questionnaire data: this includes questions on lifestyle, health and well-being, medical history, Airwave usage,mobile phone usage, 7-day diet questionnaire, cognitive test,family history, male and female reproductive health.

Physical measurements: Standing height, sitting height, weight, hip circumference, waist circumference, bio-impedance, pulse rate, blood pressure,pulse wave velocity and electrocardiogram(ECG).

Blood measurement: 50 ml non fasting blood was collected in 9 vacutainers with different anti-coagulants.