Biological Samples

During the baseline survey, 50 ml non-fasting blood sample (with time of last meal recorded) from each participant was collected into SST, EDTA, ACD, PST, Oxalate and RNA Tempus  vacutainer. The samples were then kept in a portable, insulated cool box with ice packs (to maintain their temperature at 0-4 °C) for up to a few hours before being taken to the local study laboratory for immediate processing.

Assays of the samples were taken and permanent aliquots stored by Jo Sarnecka and Ania Zawodniak at Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research.

Blood analysis:

SST: for measuring serum blood chemistry. Biochemistry profile includes : cholesterol, HS C-reactive protein, HDL, GGT, HbA1c, glucose, Apo-lipoprotein A1,  Apo-lipoprotein b, urea, Creatinine, C-peptide.

Sodium citrate: Coagulation analysis (PT, fibrinogen)

EDTA: haematology analysis and HbA1c. Haematology profile includes RBC, WBC, Haemoglobin, haematocrit (HCT) ,Mean cell volume(MCV), Mean cell haemoglobin (MCH), Mean cell haemoglobin concentration (MCHC), platelets, DLC.

PST: Plasma for metabolomics.

Flouride oxalate: Measures blood glucose.

ACD: Cell cryopreservation for future use.

RNA Tempus: For future RNA extraction