Feedback Letter Production


14th December 2018

This news item is with regard to the feedback letters that we send to participants following their AIRWAVE health screen.

Firstly, let me apologise for the delays, both in sending the feedback letters and in replying to correspondence and enquiries.  Both have been unacceptably slow.  I don’t wish to dwell too long on the reasons, but essentially there were technical problem with obtaining data which were exacerbated when a key member of staff became unavailable during the summer.

We are now reasonably confident that the process is back under control.  A substantial batch of letters has just been completed and most, if not all, recipients of this email should have their results by the middle of next week.  Do please contact me directly if you haven’t received your letter within a week from now.

Thank you for bearing with us over what has been a frustrating time for all of us.

Andy Heard
Database Manager