Feedback Letter Production


27th July 2018

This news item is with regard to the feedback letters that we send to participants following their AIRWAVE health screen.

If you have already received your letter, then this letter doesn’t affect you.  If you have had a screen within the last few months and have not received your letter, then I would like to offer my apologies for the delay.  I appreciate that, for some individuals, the delay has been longer than the three months that we normally advise is the point when you should contact us.

The reason for the delay is that an upgrade to the computer systems at the laboratory we use to analyse blood samples took longer than expected.  We understand that the actual analyses were carried out normally, but the new system has been unable to export the results in the expected format.  We are hopeful that the difficulties are close to resolution and we are anticipating a resolution within weeks. 

Further updates will be posted here as soon as we have news.

Andy Heard
Database Manager
Postscript (21st August): A data file containing the historic data has been received, but in an undocumented format.  We are chasing the laboratory for documentation that will allow us to load the data and generate letters.