Follow up

We are ready for the follow-up phase! A reassessment of the volunteers who are already part of the cohort  has been launched. Similiar to last time you will be provided with a feedback on your blood tests.Some new measurements have also been added to the protocol.

Imperial College is carrying out this research and to deliver it around the country we have contracted the screening services to Screenetics ( a well-established health screening organisation. The assessment will be performed by health care professionals who will be trained and monitored by Imperial College London. All the data collected will be transferred to the network of secure servers in Imperial College where the Airwave Study data is currently stored.

Commencing in November, the pilot phase has been extremely succesful. Anyone who has previously had a health screen can take part and you do not need to be a currently serving police officer/staff to participate.

Clinics have been set up in Borehamwood, Norwich ,Coventry and London. In the New Year more clinics are planned in Colchester and Warrington.

Please look out for an invitation letter  for a rescreen from Imperial College London in your post.

You can also send an email to [email protected]. and register your interest. Mention your name,force (current or retired from) and post code of your home address.Someone will contact you with more details on when you can be offered an appointment.