A Guide to Understanding Your Results

Thank you for taking part in the Airwave Health Monitoring health screening protocol. We greatly appreciate your participation.

This document below has two sections: the first provides some background information on the lifestyle and physical measurements we have taken; the second section is a description of the blood tests that we may have performed on your samples.

All blood test results are given with a ‘reference range’, which is a way of comparing your results with that of the normal range found in a healthy population.  Whether your test result is within the laboratory reference range or not, it must be considered within the context of your personal circumstances, and with the benefit of your doctor's knowledge of your past medical history and the results of any other investigations performed.

A test result outside the reference range may or may not indicate a problem - only that your doctor should investigate it further.  You can have an abnormal value and have nothing wrong - but
your doctor should try to determine the cause. Typically, 5% of healthy people will fall outside the reference range.  Incidental circumstances may give an out-of-range or ambiguous result without it indicating a major problem. For example, a high blood sugar could be diet-related rather than caused by diabetes. If your doctor is unsure about the test result, they may wish to repeat it. Some abnormal results may disappear on their own, especially if they are on the border of the reference range.

We want you to be informed, but we cannot take the place of your doctor. We want you to understand what the test is, and how it can be used, but because we cannot be aware of all the factors that could affect your test results, we cannot interpret the results and give you specific advice. If you need further explanation of your results, you should talk to your doctor.

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