National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centres (BRC) are based within the most outstanding NHS and University partnerships in the country, and are leaders in scientific translation – taking research at the bench to the bedside. There are now 11 BRCs across the UK and you can read more about them at the NIHR website.

Each BioResource has established groups of healthy volunteers and patients who have provided samples (of blood or saliva) and agreed to be recalled by genotype and phenotype to participate in medical research and trials.  The Airwave Health Monitoring Study is part of this national initiative.

Everyone who has given consent for long term storage of samples and data is a part of the BioResource unless you have advised us that you do not wish to be.  To opt out of the BioResource, please write to the Airwave team at [email protected] and we will ensure that you are removed from the pool of NIHR Bioresource volunteers.  Your healthcare or legal rights will not be affected in anyway by your descision to withdraw.

The BioResource is providing a national cohort of healthy volunteers and patients who wish to participate in clinical research, and are willing to provide clinical information and samples that enable recall to studies by genotype and phenotype. Established around NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and Units, volunteers are being recalled to participate in experimental medicine studies undertaken in local Clinical Research Facilities. Volunteers who in 'stage 1' have provided clinical information and samples that allow them to be recalled by genotype and phenotype will be invited to participate in 'stage 2' experimental medicine and clinical research studies.

Consent is multi-layered and includes specific consent to (i) share their data with others, including Industry and (ii) to be recalled back for future studies. Samples and their associated data will only be used for ethically and scientifically approved research.

Consenting to participate, or declining to participate in any stage 2 activity does not affect your routine care in any way and all your personal details remain confidential.

For more information, please click on our Information Leaflet.

Updated: 22nd November 2016