Study team

Proffessor Paul Elliott
Principal Investigator

Head of Department (Epidemiology and Biostatistics) School of Public Health at Imperial College.  [email protected].

Prof Paul Elliott, director of the new MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, has over 20 years expertise in environmental epidemiology and has led studies of health effects associated with non-ionizing radiation for over 10 years.

Dr Anne-Claire Vergnaud

Anne-Claire Vergnaud is an epidemiologist and is in charge of determining whether exposure to Airwave from TETRA radios can lead to health impairments or not. She designs statistical analyses and data processes to be performed and writes scientific papers to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.



Dr Deepa Singh
Clinical coordinator

Deepa is a medically qualified research professional and is a Public Health Medicine specialist. She is responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the study. She also coordinates and manages the day to day affairs of the medical screening component of the study. Deepa has helped to recruit and collect baseline health information for over 40 000 participants as part of the Airwave Study.

Andrew Heard
Database Manager

Andy is the Database Manager, responsible for managements of the Oracle database systems and the security of the study’s data.  He is also one of two biorepository laboratory managers at Hammersmith, where many of the study’s samples are stored.


Jeanette Spear
Data Analyst

Jeanette is a Database Analyst and DBA and has expertise with Oracle.

She is responsible for the design and implementation of work related to the collection, loading, validation, the output and/or reporting and archiving of numerous datasets for the project researchers.

The study has numerous data feeds, some of which are obtained from multiple police forces (e.g. personnel records). They are collected and loaded onto an Oracle 12 database.  Following rigorous validation anonymised results are exported to SAS for statistical analysis and subsequent publication. 

The Airwave study is registered as a tissue bank and she maintains a database recording the different sample types the project holds.

Maria Aresu
Research Assistant

Maria accomplished an MSc in Medical Statistic at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2011. And she joined the Airwave team at Imperial College in 2011.

Her main area of interest is cancer epidemiology and the association between lifestyle behaviours and cardiovascular disease (CVD) . Maria's job consists in carrying out appropriate statistical analysis to investigate to what extend level of Tetra exposure might affect  participant’s health.



Dennis McRobie
Data Analyst

Dennis is an IT specialist responsible  for processing and analysing the Airwave records.  Each of the 23 forces in the study have up to 2 billion records which detail the time and duration of radio calls.  Dennis has developed the procedures to manage this data and to extract the information relating to our participants so that the profile of usage can be determined and the total exposure calculated.

Louisa Cavaliero
Study Administrator

Louisa does the day to day tasks in the office - liaising with nurses and couriers making sure equipment is in working condition and bloods are collected and delivered to the lab safely for analysis. She is the first point of contact for any queries, checks and corrects the data,  prints and post the feedback results, make sure bills are paid on time and timesheets signed.  

She keeps the team functioning smoothly!

Joanna Sarnecka
Lead Laboratory Technician

Jo was the lead laboratory technician at our Northwick Park Laboratory from 2004 until 2015.  She was responsble for day-to-day operations at the laboratory and for ensuring the integrity of the assay results.

Ania Zawodniak
Sample Archivist

Ania worked with Joanna Sarnecka at the Northwick Park laboratory from 2011 until 2015.  She helped Jo complete the assays and was responsible for ensuring that samples were archived correctly in the freezers.