Research Tissue Bank

The Airwave Health Monitoring Study was first given ethics approval to be a Research Tissue Bank in August 2013 within the Imperial College Healthcare Trust Tissue Bank umbrella. This status applies retrospectively to all samples and data that have been collected.

If you have any queries or concerns about this, please email us at [email protected] or call on 020 7594 2314.

A tissue bank is an ethically approved collection of human tissue or other biological material, which is stored for potential research beyond the life of a specific project. While the primary aim of the Airwave Study is to investigate long term health effects from the use of TETRA, the rich resource of samples and data also provides a valuable opportunity for broader research into common diseases affecting police officers and staff.

The primary aim of this tissue bank is to provide a resource for collaborative research aimed at devising new treatments and therapies for a range of medical conditions.  More information on the research projects will be published on our website.

If you give consent for long term storage, your samples will be included in the Tissue Bank.

The tissue bank samples and data will only be used for research after review by the Airwave Study Access Committee (which has representation from Police Federation).  It reviews each application to ensure that it meets the terms of consent of the donors and is scientifically worthwhile.  All samples or data given to third party researchers will always be anonymised and you will not be identifiable. Your contact details will never be shared with any researcher without your consent.

If for any reason you wish to opt out of the Airwave Study, please write to the Airwave team at [email protected] and they will administer your request. Your healthcare or legal rights will not be affected in any way.

Please note that you should not feel obliged to withdrawn from the Study simply because you have left the police force or no longer use the Airwave radio; your contribution to the Study continues to be of value.

For more on the Airwave Tissue Bank, please read version 3 of our protocol, which was approved by the North West - Haydock Research Ethics Committee on 22 February 2019.