Access Biological Samples

This tissue bank is registered as a sub collection under the HTA (Human Tissue Act) licence held by Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank (ICHTB). The Airwave Study access policy applies equally to academics, private or public sector researchers whether they work in, or with, a profit or not for profit organisation subject to them having relevant ethics approval. Studies within the organisation and study group have generic consent as part of the tissue bank. Any studies submitted outside of this will have to apply for NRES approval before submission to the tissue bank for sample or data. 

Access to Samples
- Material transfer Agreement.pdf

If you are wish to obtain access to biological samples, you should complete the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and ICHTB application and attach these to the Airwave application described above.

ICHTB application for access to sample
ICHTB application for access to samples.pdf
Tissue management committee -terms of reference
ICHTB TMC terms of refernce.pdf