Approved Research

As the Airwave data is a rich resource with comprehensive phenotyping (the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental influences) of participants, state-of-the art methods can be used to investigate genetic and environmental causes of disease and inform disease pathways as many different phenotypes can be studied.

By collecting and storing tissue and data the TB is providing the foundation for:

  • Research related to specific disease or group of diseases, or could range more widely across biomedicine generally for yet unspecified research questions.
  • Research into the molecular mechanisms involved in disease development and its response to possible resistance to treatment.
  • The discovery and validation of new targets and biomarkers for detection, diagnosis, treatment stratification and development.

The wealth of data available in the Airwave Study on lifestyle, behavioural and environmental exposures, information on genetic and other blood-based factors, and the long-term follow-up for disease outcomes, provides a foundation for extensive research to be conducted into the risk factors and causes of a wide range of chronic diseases. This section describes a range of ongoing projects and collaborative research programmes. Information is included on our data access policy and data enquiry procedure.

Approved Research Studies

All the research studies in this list have been approved by the Access Committee as of 22nd January 2019.