Data Access Enquiry

Access to human biomaterials and data: is by formal application to the Airwave Study access committee. They will than pass on the application after initial approval to ICHTB Tissue Management Committee (TMC), a sub-committee of the Trust’s Research Governance Committee. The researcher must satisfy the TMC that their research is ethically and scientifically valid and that it makes a contribution to scientific knowledge. The standard template of ICHTB application form for access to samples will be used. Once the TMC is convinced about the scientific validity of the research it will instruct the Airwave Study TB to identify the samples/data for release.

Access to data only: is by formal application to Access Committee which you should normally do via our partner at Dementia Platform UK (DPUK).

Please note not all the data categories on DPUK's selection list are available in Airwave. To find the category for the variables of interest please refer to the 'Variables by Category' documents below.

We welcome research proposals from other researchers and all users will be held to the same scientific and ethical standards.

Data Access Charge: Depending on the complexity of any work required to fulfill the researcher's application, a charge of up to £9,000 may be made to fulfill data requests.  Applications made through DPUK where the researcher's data requirements will be fulfilled using DPUK's research facility (Airwave data is stored at DPUK) do not incur a Data Access Charge (from us).

For any further enquiries on how to access data and samples from the Airwave resource please contact Antoinette Amuzu.

Data Dictionary

This document describes the phenotypic and laboratory-based data variables that are potentially available to researchers working on the Airwave Study.  Please note that access to variables is governed by the Study's Access Committee, and there are externally-imposed restrictions on access to the data that were provided by NHS Digital.

Airwave Screening Variables by Category

This is a categorised list of variables obtained from the screening protocol.

Airwave Survey Variables by Category

This is a categorised list of all the questions asked of participants in the health-screening self-administered questionnaire.

Medications & Treatments

This document describes how participant-reported medications and medical treatments have been coded.

Participant Consent Form
Participant Information Sheet