Data Management Policy

The data management policy is designed to ensure the fulfilment of four objectives in respect of access to and use of data collected by the Airwave Health Monitoring Study for research:

  1. No participant will be put at risk of being personally identified in any public domain, or have their personal data used for purposes other than those necessary to the operation of the Study (the Privacy objective).
  2. Participant data will not be available in any domain or accessed by any person other than those approved by the Access Committee, even if that data is entirely anonymised (the Confidentiality objective). Results of research reported in appropriately aggregated form is excluded from this definition.
  3. When data obtained from third parties is subject to usage restrictions, these will be respected.
  4. Airwave data will be made as accessible as possible to bona fide researchers working on substudies approved by the Access Committee, subject to the other objectives being fulfilled (the Sharing objective).

To be considered as a collaborator on an Airwave substudy, please download, read and sign the two Confidentiality Agreements with Imperial College and NHS, then return both to the Database Manager (a scanned copy emailed to Andy Heard is also acceptable).

Andy Heard
Database Manager
11th October 2016
Confidentiality Agreement

This form explains your commitment to the College to keep safe the data that is being shared with you.

Personal Confidentiality (NHS)

For users who may wish to access the follow-up data on participants that is supplied by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), please complete the attached delaration.  You only need to complete the top half of the form (the bottom half is identical).  We encourage everyone to complete this form even if you have no immediate need of follow-up data.

New Collaborator

To use a data set of an existing substudy, you must be approved by its Principal Investigator.  Download and complete the form to make your application.