Health Screening Follow-Up


24th August 2017

We are restarting our programme of follow-up health-screens this autumn.  You are eligible if you took part in the Airwave Study health-screening at least five years ago and continue to be a member of the cohort.  The clinic procedure will be broadly similar to your earlier experience and will take about 90 minutes.  Feedback on your results will be given to you, as before.

We intend to offer the new protocol at clinics spread across the country, initially at the following locations:

  • Edinburgh.
  • Bridgend.
  • Norwich.
  • Central London.
  • Stoke-on-Trent (tbc).

ToHealth Ltd., a specialist provider of health-screening services, has been awarded the contract for delivery of the programme on behalf of Imperial College.  We have worked closely with ToHealth and its predecessor, Screenetics, since 2015 and look forward to working with them again.

We hope that all Study participants will want to take advantage of this opportunity, which will add much value to the research as well as provide you with information about your own health.  We are currently writing to everyone we believe may be able to attend one of these clinics.  Response has been excellent, but appointments are still available.

To book your appointment, contact ToHealth directly via their booking portal.  You will need your participant identifier (on your invitation letter) to book online, or call 0800 014 1982 if you've not yet received your letter.  Clinics will remain open for as long as there is sufficient demand and funding is available.