Study Governance

The AHMS Tissue Bank is led by a Steering Committee (with Professor Paul Elliott as the study Principal Investigator), and has been leading the AHMS since 2004. At Imperial College London the day-to-day operations of the study are handled by individuals in the areas of IT development; data management; long-term follow-up; event validation; statistical support; genetics and bio-samples; and administration and general support.

Airwave Study is registered as sub collection under the HTA (Human Tissue Act) licence held by Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank (ICHTB). The Designated Individual for the HTA Licence is Professor Gerry Thomas.

Airwave study has an ‘Access Committee’ consisting of PI (Principal Investigator), study coordinator, an epidemiologist and a representative of the Police Federation (lay man), who will initially review applications from research groups to provide samples and data.

This application is passed on to the ICHTB (Imperial College Healthcare Trust Tissue Bank) management committee for approval.

The ICHTB Tissue management Committee (TMC) will then further assess the scientific merit of the project and make suitable recommendations for release of sample and data.They (TMC) will oversee issues concerning the use of material/data released from it. The TMC meets quarterly.

Annual reports on accrual and release of samples, and publications using ICHTB material, are provided to the Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) Research Committee. This Committee is a joint committee that oversees all research carried out in the Academic Health Science Centre which is a fusion of the clinical research section of the NHS Trust and the clinical research section of Imperial College London.  A representative of the Joint Research Office of the AHSC sits on the Tissue Management Committee.