Study Governance

The AHMS Tissue Bank is led by a Steering Committee (with Professor Paul Elliott as the study Principal Investigator), and has been leading the AHMS since 2004. At Imperial College London the day-to-day operations of the study are handled by individuals in the areas of IT development; data management; long-term follow-up; event validation; statistical support; genetics and bio-samples; and administration and general support.

Airwave Study is registered as sub collection under the Human Tissue Act (HTA) licence held by NIHR - National Biosample Centre. The Designated Individual for the HTA Licence is Dr. Timothy Peakman.

Airwave study has an ‘Access Committee’ consisting of Principal Investigator (PI), study coordinator, an epidemiologist and a representative of the Police Federation (lay-person), who will review applications from research groups to provide samples and data.