Study update


16th July 2015

Recruitment into the Health Monitoring Study ended on 31st March 2015.

We have now recruited more than 52,000 participants, approximately 45,000 of whom have had a health-screen. The final number of participants will be announced once data-consolidation has completed.

If you have not yet received feedback from your health-screen you should expect to receive it by the end of June.

The Study now enters a phase of analysis and writing-up. We anticipate this being complete by March 2017, with results published shortly thereafter.

We are grateful to the Home Office for funding this study.

If for some reason you wish to opt out of the Airwave study, then please write to the Airwave team at [email protected]  and they will administer your request. Your healthcare or legal rights will not be affected in any way.

We are continuing to follow up participants through NHS tracing system and via their police personnel department. You will also receive a newsletter either in post or via email from us this year, with a request to complete a follow-up questionnaire; we would be grateful if you could fill this in as it will greatly assist with the long term follow up of the participants.

More details about this is in follow-up section.